Taking another trip around the sun.




Its been a while since I’ve blogged. But that doesn’t mean I have been snoozin. It was my birthday Saturday, and with such grace and subtle charm, the universe showed love and support … beloved friends, who came with gifts of love and time ( a most precious thing).. I am honored to have the great good fortune to know the folks that showed up at my house and wished me well…
Now it’s EVERYBODY BACK TO WORK!!! The banner is nearing perfection, thanks to beautiful Sprout Love. Robert Walsh, the Guru of Web and Sound is coming over to help me edit my first podcast, on the subject of Healing and Evolution. I will be putting together some great soundbites from James Nave’ poet and creativity coach, and Dave Bryson organizer of Evolvefest in NJ. My recent trip to NYC and The Puja Eyes Medicine Show’s involvement at Evolvefest will make a nice audio offering that you can subscribe to on i-tunes. You will also be able to access it by visiting http://www.pujaeyes.com. The Puja Eyes Medicine Show’s official website. Robert and I have been working hard on it. Please give it a look… it still needs a products page ( what no commerce yet?). It could use a lot more stuff actually …. but were workin’ it. Check it out though and you will get a hit of our philosophy. Thats the soul of the show. And we all know that the spirit must manifest before the material.
Looks like a new member of the Urban Artists Intentional Community is on board. Chris Magher, dancer, writer and explorer of the mind and soul is joining us at the 7 Kent Place location. Our first official meeting of The Urban Artists Collective will be here this Sunday the 9th from 6 til 9. Come out and join us. We will meet weekly to support each others work, whether it is in the traditional creative arts, healing arts, or permaculture design arts.
Once a month The Urban Artists Collective will hold a Critical Response Salon. The Critical Response Method will be facilitated by a mediator to give artists structured and useful feedback on their works or works in progress shown. The first one is on Halloween here at 7 Kent.
It feels like this next trip around the sun is gonna be a good one. Who wants to come along?

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