Feeling a Little Funky with The Season Change? Me too! Try this.




Gypsy has been very busy … oganizing Urban Artists, shopping for bus, blogging, making podcast (coming soon) making “Slippery Gypsy Aphrodisiac Mustache Wax” ™, and taking care of her cubs … Gypsy forget to take her care of herself! …. Until she starts to feel funky!!
Headache! Backache (ooooh the lumbago daaling)! Fatigue and general grumpyness ….
Gypsy no have time for this crap. Must be a pathogen trying to get in… perhaps a nasty virus.
This is what I want when I feel bad, rest, comfort, nourisment, support. So luckily I was already scheduled for my bi-weekly spirit/mind/body tune-up with reiki healer-spirit worker-massage therapist excellant, Guseppi Piazza who suggested a mustard bath with essential oils to help sweat out toxins. Good idea! I even ate some strong wasabi with dinner too! I have neglected my Migun Bed so I hopped on it for a great detox and far- infared light treatment this morning to zap any viruses that think this body might make a nice host. Migun beds are used in hospitals in Korea to treat a range of illnesses. Check out their website http://www.migunworld.com for info. I combine migun sessions with essential oils diffused into the room to support my immune function. See http://www.youngliving.com for more information on amazing therapeutic grade essential oils!
Yes, Gypsy uses both high tech and natural healing …. is old saying …. never refuse healing from a good source.
Here are a few more of my favorites that I am nourishing myself with; Maitake Defense liquid phyto caps by Gaia Herbs http://www.GaiaHerbs.com. A great company right here in Western North Carolina. Holla to the hood! This blend of cordyceps, reishi, chaga and maitake mushrooms fortifies me for the coming months and boosts me for now too. These mushrooms are truely magic with their heart strengthening, liver cleansing,anti-cancer properties. Read more about them on Mountain Rose Herbs website http://www.mountainroseherbs.com (my favorite bulk herb company).
Here’s the deal, if you think you are harboring a virus, there’s not much the regular doc can do for you. Antibiotics don’t treat viruses…..BUT there are lots of anti virals in the plant kingdom!! Like echineacea, garlic, calendula, lemon balm, St. Jonswort, elderberry, usnea and many more. Doesn’t it make sense to keep some high quality products made with these on hand? This is what I have on my shelf: Red Moon Herbs Anti-Viral tincture, Dr. Schulze’s Ech+, and my own, wildcrafted and homemade “Ian’s Superboost” (Elderberry Usnea Syrup). Look for these products or products like these soon on the products page of The Puja Eyes Medicine Show ( http://www.pujaeyes.com).
I am drinking lots of high alkaline water from my Kangen Water Filter. Every few hours I throw a packet of Emergen-C in to boost the immune function and get lots of great vitamins and minerals. Oh yes .. and rest. Sleep is the great healer.
I am feeling like this nasty bug has been met at my door with a “no vacancy … scram” sign already. The Doctor might be out, but the Witch is in!

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