Chasing Turkeys and staying in touch with the third chakra …




Hey! Happy day of Thanks. I have so much to be thankful for! Dear friends, old and new, healthy family, fun life…
I visited with my sister Margaret Nolan in Orlando, Fl for 11/11/11, and Gogol Bordello at The Orlando Calling. What big Sorcery from Eugene Hutz! Elizabeth Chi-Wei-Sun (GBs dan er- vocalist) was fun to hang with and chat about herbal medicine at the Sheraton later that day.
I was inspired to come home and work on some more choreography to Gogol Bordello after that “Alcohol” has become a different solo piece….
Now,  back home, focus is family, Urban Artists Intentional Community and Turkey Day. Im also developing my private herbal consultation practice so things are busy. Im mentored by some of the finest minds in our community through the Appalachian school of Holistic herbalism … and that is something to be thankful for indeed.

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