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  1. Good day! it has been a while since The Puja Eyes Medicine Show has posted, but that’s because The Puja Eyes medicine Show is a one-woman-show, wearing many hats ….. Recently, i have been getting some great voice-over gigs from my home studio in Asheville, NC. Yes, I aim to make you buy stuff!!
    The Hangout Music Festival in Gulfshores, AL is coming up. I am getting excited about traveling there and seeing some great artists. Jack White, Alabama Shakes, Flaming Lips, and some great blasts from my past, Steve Winwood, Randy Newman ??? Really? and …. of course, my favorite, Gogol Bordello !!

  2. Monica, it was so great to meet you at Kitsch Fabrics, my niece Amy”s shop in West Ashville. Gulfshores is a great place, I lived down the coast in Pensacola, FL for many years. I admire your energy and wish you wonderful journeys with your son. Hoping we will connect again one day soon.
    Diana Godwin
    Boone, NC

    • Dear Diana, it was lovely to talk with you at your cousins cool fabric store “Kitch” in West Asheville. I wish you were along with Ian and I on this trip to see Gogol Bordello at Wakarusa. You would love their music … not so sure you would love this weather. Come see the recent posts and pics… and Ian’s cool costume. Monica

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