Solstice 2012 in Asheville, NC with the OM Center and Living Love Tour


20121222-154950.jpgMy son Ian helping Matt  learn how to unicycle at The Living Love Tour’s Jumpoff event on Solstice 2012.

20121222-160725.jpgBeautiful mandalas and cookies that Ian and I brought home from OM Sanctuary’s Solstice Events 2012.

What a wonderful town we live in ! Full of happy, people, embracing change ! It is no wonder that we not only survived the 2012 Solstice (my son Ian was a bit worried that Mayan Zombies would attack at dawn), but we are thriving, in new and renewing friendships.

The OM Sanctuary  (visit them at: ) is just preparing to emerge as a destination for an Omega/Esalen Institute style experience, right here in our own “Paris of the South”. Shelli Stanback is working hard with her dedicated staff and support from family to create another legacy in Western North Carolina of positive action in stewardship of the community and the beautiful resources given to us. Her husband Brad Stanback has long been a steward of the old growth forests and the American Chestnut, with Shelli by his side. Now he stands with Shelli as she emerges in her devotion to personal growth and healing for humans as they experience the nourishing atmosphere and offerings that The OM Sanctuary in Asheville, NC will offer.

Restoration of the Victorian charm of existing buildings on the grounds of the former Richmond Hill Inn is complete. The non-profit status is official. 2013 will be a year of fundraising efforts to build the accommodations and larger workshop space needed to make OM (short for Oshun Mountain) a sanctuary destination. How appropriate for the start of a new millennium and the end of the ancient Mayan calendar !

To usher in the energy Shelli gave a thoughtful and stimulating movement workshop on 12/19 entitled “Dancing Between Shadow and Light” that was attended by women ranging from Maiden to Sacred Crone. It ended with a transformational art component that we each could bring home for our alters.

On the 20th Rich Fabio, Certified Yoga Instructor gave an enlightening workshop entitled Rooting to Rise: The Play of Light and Dark” that truly prepared us to stand and move into the coming energy of the new age by freeing our natural resilience encoded in our bodies most ease-full alignment. A holiday cookie exchange followed, at which my “Double Rainbow All The Way” Cookies were a hit ! (see my 12/17 post for the recipe). Shelli’s mom’s peanut butter with kisses treats were some of my favorite too!

Martha Kiger gave a lovely contemplative workshop on Solstice morning at OM Sanctuary entitled: “Return to Your Inner Light”. Ian and I created black and white mandala to mark personal transformation in the coming year. He was the youngest member there and Martha empowered him with her gentle, generous ways. We brought home 3 pieces we created for our home altar that you can see at the top of this post, (arranged with examples of the yummy cookie-booty I brought home the night before!)

The Puja Eyes Medicine Show recommends that you keep your eye on Shelli Stanback and The OM Sanctuary in the coming year ….. this is not just another Spa retreat … no ma’am!

We predict the best of the best and even better … experiences you never dreamed of but just what the inner physician ordered. Keep up to date at

After our morning mandala class Ian and I were inspired to go check out The Living Love Tours’ Jumpoff event. So we packed up some home-made medicinals like Sweetheart Meade, Slippery Gypsy Aphrodisiac Mustache Wax, and a special Holiday Digestive Tea Blend (all lovingly hand-crafted by yours truly). Ian grabbed his unicycle and we went off to the warehouse on Riverside where this group of Sustainable-Minded-Artists were gathering to make some money to retro fit their bus with biodiesel so they can take their message on the road.

Be sure to check them out at What a fun bunch of folks! The evening ended with a permaculture discussion circle that I hosted. Good ideas were shared about how we are in our world and what we feel most drawn to manifest in the time we have to share yet .

Then it was home by midnight ( we had other invitations to dance the night away, but our cozy beds begged us to come ….. the wind was howling as if to say ….”change is coming come snuggle and rest a while …. prepare for the coming light and all the beautiful days to come ….. sleep and dream of your potential, little seeds “.

So we did.


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Hi. I'm Monica, a 5 Element Acupuncturist and founder of The Puja Eyes Medicine Show. I am in the process of creating a mobile acupuncture and herbal first aide clinc in my 34' school bus named Huang Di (The Yellow Emperor.) Thanks for stopping by.

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