The Healing Power Of Music

It’s Springtime again my friends and so many things are growing and changing in our lives! My handsome son Ian will be 13 this Summer, and we have decided to take our version of “The Puja Eyes Medicine Show” to Ozark, AR at “Wakarusa

Iancyc1We will be interviewing festival-goers with questions like “Has music ever worked as a healing force for you?”, “What is Addiction and have you ever dealt with it in your life?”, “How do different types of music make you feel?”, “Why are you here at Wakarusa?”.

Festival culture, and the cultures that are found around different types of music have always been a topic of great interest to me. Dress,dance,substances ingested and habits and relationships formed around different genres of popular music will be my personal observational bent.

Ian has defined himself. “Technical Inter-Cyclist/Music Blogger” is his self-proclaimed job title in “The Puja Eyes Medicine Show”. He is looking forward to riding his unicycle, interviewing people and taking photos to post on our website’s guest page ( That’s the” Inter-Cyclist” part.

He is also my right hand man and technical consultant. Did I mention that it’s Spring and everything is growing? Well the boy has now reached the same height as his mom … he is becoming an indispensable young man to be sure. Thats the “Technical” part of the job description.

Ian and I have picked out different bands that we really don’t want to miss and are beginning to put together a schedule for ourselves for the 3 days of Bonnaroo- with-a-third-of-the-people-and-a-beautiful-mountain-setting style festival. We are also challenging oureslves to listening to obscure bands and genres of music we aren’t usually attracted to. All of this is delicious substance in our Apothecary of healing experience.

Ian’s favorites: electronica, dubstep and hip-hop/rap inspired artists. Mine Gypsy Punk of course (Gogol Bordello will be there), Old School Rock and Alt/Funk/Fusions……

We will faithfully report our impressions here, and our preparations for the trip as well.

Our Mission: To travel, blog, and document healing arts, folk arts and alternatives to traditional thinking at music and arts festivals. To offer an apothecary of ideas on our blog, and tasty opinions on music and culture. 

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