Graceland and The Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis, TN


This is a technical-inter-post and a Puja post at the same time! That’s right. Both of us are posting about Elvis’ Mansion and the Hotel at the end of Lonely Street….

Monica First :

From a cultural perspective Graceland Mansion and the people who come there for pilgrimage and an Elvis experience are fascinating indeed. I heard languages from all over the planet on the bus and as we walked through the house coming from guests. The King of Rock and Roll’s home was, of course, over the top as far as mod 70’s decor goes.Image I’ve never seen so much green shag carpeting and so many television sets in one home. And viewing the clothing, awards, burial sites of his family, and the smoke-house-turned-shooting-range, not feet from Liza-Marie’s swing set, gave a lasting and jumbled impression of this man’s life. One can only imagine what it must be like to be a sex and rock-and-roll icon at age 19, to have come from the backwoods of America, and to have lived a life of stardom, as he attempted to keep family (his grandma, dad, mom, Priscilla and Liza-Marie all lived at Graceland), friends (the house was always full of “the boys”) and career rolling.ImageThe house tells some of the story, in the silent way that houses can tell the secrets of those who lived there. I highly recommend taking the tour.

The Pilgrims tell America’s story. I met this young man as we were getting back on the tour bus, and I was so tired from the drive and the Memphis heat, that I have forgotten his name now. He proudly wore these replica pieces that he has collected, and he told me that it was his first time visiting Graceland, with a fire in his eyes that can be described as meaningful.Image He Tribute 2told me he was a “Tribute Artist” to Elvis and that he was 19 years old too.

2013-05-23 20.20.37  Ian’s turn:

Hi y’all! What is better than chicken fish? Nothing, but Elvis is a close second. One of the best  (and the most successful) musicians of all time has to have a big house right? Wrong! He has to have a gigantic house, with mirrors on the walls, carpets on the ceiling, TVs everywhere, a shooting range, a stable, and pretty much everything else you could possibly think of for an extremely rich person to have. This guy was like the model for rich people (stables, indoor handball court, 3 TVs in one room, shooting range… I think you get the picture). Anyway, seeing Elvis’s mansion was a real treat (as was seeing some of his movies at the Heartbreak Hotel). Excellent artist, renowned for a reason, Elvis, the true King of american Rock and Roll.

elvis n us

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