It’s Raining Giant Elephants at Wakarusa, and We Just Stepped in a Turd-le!


Monica: Image

Yes, I know festivals, camping, the weekend, get-away-from-civilization-thing … Mud and rain (and hail and high winds and girls on acid screaming bloody murder late at night). It’s all to be expected….. But when it actually prevents you from hearing the music you came here for because you are huddled in your car for 24 hours living on protein bars and coconut water it can Imagebecome a bummer.

So far, the two times we have ventured out, like Bambi, from the Westwoods camping area to see if we could get some hot food and some hot licks, we have run the risk of becoming human lighting rods with our umbrella and unicycle in tow. We did make it down (a 3 mile hike on rocks) to the venue yesterday though , just in time to be told that it was closed for the third time because another storm (this one with hail) was headed our way.

That did not stop this dynamic duo from interviewing folks and taking pictures with our ziplock-baggied iPhones, meeting a lot of nice folks and having a day of adventure and fun. Perhaps today we will actually get to see a music show!

2013-05-23 20.20.37


Well. That night sucked. It wasn’t the 3-mile walk to the festival grounds (they do call it walk-arusa for a reason, am I right?), or the things that keep you awake at night (anyone in the mood for some acid induced screaming? wish I was.) but it is the constant, unrelenting, WETNESS! NOTHING is sacred, EVERYTHING is wet. One good thing about rain and wetness though is that it brings people together under umbrellas and tents and that leads to conversation. We met lots of really cool people, even though we didn’t get to see any bands, and it was nice.ianprettygirlwaka Finally, we decided to give up on camping (or should I say muding) and we are in a Indian-run hillbilly motel.

Anyway g2g bye y’all!

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Hi. I'm Monica, a 5 Element Acupuncturist and founder of The Puja Eyes Medicine Show. I am in the process of creating a mobile acupuncture and herbal first aide clinc in my 34' school bus named Huang Di (The Yellow Emperor.) Thanks for stopping by.

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