Ian’s Technical inter-post the 5th



2013-05-23 20.20.37We recently visited the Moog factory here in Asheville, NC, where Bob Moog’s wonderful synthesizers are manufactured. This is me and Rob Grey in front of a picture of the man who changed music history with his famous “creamy sounding” electronic analogue musical devices. Rob (BomBassic) was our tour guide around the factory and is also playing at the One Stop here in Asheville on July 24th (if y’all want to see what he is about, go to bombassic.com).


Fun fact: Bob Moog sold theremins like this one to fund his degree in engineering from Cornell university. We’re raising money for college too with the funds we make from selling slippery gypsy aphrodisiac mustache wax as well as other Puja products, so buy a tin or two to fund my college education.

So anyway,we found out a lot of cool stuff about Bob Moog and his awesome products, like 75% of the materials he uses are from the U.S. and 100% of his finished products were made and tested in the U.S. by people. Its no wonder his employees are so loyal to DSC_0090him, as aptly illustrated by Nick Montoya. Nick works in the service center (the only service center for Moog insruments) and did I mention that he has a Moog tattoo on his arm?

We continued on with the tour, passing Sub Phattys and Little Phattys on stands (they keep them powered on for 48 hours strait to see if there is anything wrong), workstations, tuning rooms, and a gold plated Mini Moog (only 11 made!) until we made it to the Sound Lab. The Sound Lab is where musicians go if they want to test out Moog and see if its right for them, or if they just want to jam. It has modular system hookups, Voyagers on racks on the walls, and pretty much every Moog product in the world. I believe it’s what musicians call heaven. Anyway, I have to go now, so see y’all in the funny books! Oh wait, I almost forgot to put a picture of the Sound Lab!


“To be human,to be fully human, is to need music and to derive nourishment from the music you hear”- Bob Moog

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