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A Very Thankful Time of Yearqispeak

2018 has been a time of great strides toward reuniting old skills and new knowledge for me personally. I have come back to Asheville and have been working at Golden Needle Acupuncture Herb and Medical Supply Company, having a daily dialogue with Acupuncture Practitioners and herbalists all over the country who call in to “talk shop”, order needles and herbal formulas, and often ask for advice and guidance in choosing the right formulation or treatment.

More often than not the conversations became a giant download on my part (I like to call this my 4th year of Grad School ) as I often have very experienced herbalists and Acupuncturists on the line who will discuss essential Chinese Medical theory with me.

Given that I am in the midst of study for board qualifying exams, this is a godsend! I am extremely thankful for the friendship and exchange I have had with Michael Max of late, who produces and hosts Qiological , a podcast sponsored by Golden Needle.

I made a few commercial spots (in the ‘Doughnut” style as we call them in the industry) for Michael to use as a tease at the top of the show and then more information later in a break in the middle of the show. Joey Bedrosian helped me produce them, and we sent them off. Michael gave the early offerings a listen and asked for some revisions in a conversation on the phone that devolved to a good humored ribbing and a few jokes about doughnuts, bagels and even bialy buns and what they might sound like.

We settled on these spots that I ended up dusting off my Neuman microphone and bringing in to the warehouse to re-record.

Michael also asked me about my former career in Voice over and the new marketing ideas i have been trying out to promote Golden Needle on social media and to start up interest in Huang Di: The Yellow Emperor (my 34′ school bus that I am converting into a Mobile Acupuncture and herbal First Aide Clinic.) This lead to a great invitation to be a part of the Qiological offerings in a special interview that will be included in the “Qiologician” side of his show to help Acupuncturists with their marketing strategies. Check it out on his site. Michael work is no ham sandwich, neither could it be called a bagel …. even the kind with lox and a schmere….



On the Other Side of Grad School


It has been some time since I have written in the Puja journal. Just to update this account, I  made it through my formal Chinese Medical training with a diploma.BusGas

My studies will never end, however. Neither will the tests (some in the form of exams some in the form of the things life gives us to overcome.) I will be taking the first of my NCCAOM board qualifying exams soon. The journey that has gotten me here has been a bit longer than my classmates I imagine, but it does no good to compare. I am working for Golden Needle Acupuncture, Herb and Medical Supply Company, helping practitioners and students of Chinese Medicine to choose formulas, needles and moxa for their clinics, and learning more every day.

The great metaphor for learning; The School Bus, has finally become a reality. I purchased mu 34′ foot Thomas schoolie with a Caterpillar diesel engine and Allison drive train  a few weeks before graduating from Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. It has taken me from Gainesville, FL to Stockbridge, MA and back, where Lonny Jarret, Author of Nourishing Destiny named it Huang Di: The Yellow Emperor. You will be hearing more about The Yellow Emperor in the coming weeks.

For now it is good to say “I am back.” I am in my hometown of Asheville, NC again and near my children who are no longer children. I developed a movement group in Gainesville, FL that I hope to start up again here, called 5 Element Movement. It is an adjunct therapy to 5 Element Acupuncture and will be a key component to my practice. So will the Mobile Acupuncture and Herbal First Aide Clinic called Huang Di. Happy Holidays to you all.HDRear