Amazing Asheville Yoga !


stock photo : Close-up of young lady practicing yoga in lotus posture (Padmasana) with eyes closed.

About 3 years ago Asheville businessman and long time spiritual seeker/yogi Michael Greenfield decided to do his Karma Yoga in a big way. He ignited his passion, and demonstrated love for his community by donating  and renovating a warehouse building, and working his personal charm to solicit as many donations from corporations and individuals that he could, to found  Asheville Community Yoga ( ) . FREE YOGA signs were popping up all over town like mushrooms in the Fall. “If you build it, they will come” seemed to be Michael’s idea …. and come they did!

Asheville Community Yoga seems, from this writers point of view, to be a thriving community of Yoga Teachers, Artists, and Healers who are in service, like Michael, to bringing this ancient healing art to the masses. Though the mushroom-like phenomenon of the FREE YOGA signs has long been harvested (and hopefully recycled), the spirit of Free Yoga for the people lives on at ACY. 

stock photo : Yoga vrikshasana tree pose by man silhouette in old temple arch at dramatic sunset sky background. Free space for text

Like any good Yogi (and businessman) Michael and his capable volunteer staff of Yoga teachers and students continue to evolve the model of how generosity can be sustainable. ACY now offers 6 to 12 week special series classes, workshops Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Immersion experiences for affordable set fees. The regular weekly schedule of classes remains available on a donation basis (and no problem if your donation is what you can find lost in the sofa cushions ).

This weekend Kaoverii Weber, MA , RYT500 , who teaches regularly at ACY and has founded her own school of Yoga Subtle Yoga (  offered Yoga For Substance Abuse a two day wokshop that is also part of the advanced Yoga Teacher training at AYC.

stock photo : Studio portrait of a naked young woman making a shape with her body

Having taken a special interest in how Herbal Medicine can be used to treat stress and trauma, and knowing the effects of self-medicating these dis-eases with destructive habits ranging from illegal substance use, to overeating and overuse of TV, and electronic media, I was keen to study with Kaoverii. (Besides I took her Yoga Nidra class a couple of weeks ago and giggled the whole time until I delightfully reached a state of complete pampered bliss.)

The sister did not disappoint with the presentation this weekend !

Kaoverii’s thorough and scholarly treatment of this subject, clearly reflects her committed and compassionate work, along with husband Brett Sculthorp MSW, CSAPC, also a presenter. The couple have co-founded Sarva Health an organization devoted to provide yoga training to enhance community health.

The Yoga Therapy was simple, yet profound. A combination of self massage, tapping, yoga poses, and purposeful trembling, called “Neurogenic Shaking” was presented to us in an approximately 45 minute class twice over the weekend. The science behind it is, in a nutshell, that release of stored trauma (which can lead to and perpetuate substance abuse) is experienced by exhausting somatic storage spaces in the muscles, fascia, etc. through holding poses and trembling to a point of fatigue not to exceed our own personal control. Yes it is all related to the Fight or Flight brain response, but it goes much deeper (literally), into the brain stem, where our vegas nerve takes on the little known 3rd “F” in the Fight or Flight family …. “Freeze”.

There were so many other rich moments throughout the weekend, like the correlation and discussion of the famous “12 Steps” of A.A. and the ancient  precepts of the Yamas and Niyamas (yogic principals that guide one in a righteous life.)

One thing is for sure dear reader. Asheville Community Yoga has a wealth of incredible talent doing good work. (Be sure to come out to the next fundraiser Saturday, January 12 The Chocolate Social and find out more about the upcoming Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training.

And if you have never been to a yoga class in which you are wiggling, laughing and releasing your past while laughing at the future, you really must make taking a Subtle Yoga class one of your new year’s resolutions !


Healthy Holiday Cookies !!


“Double Rainbow All The Way” Cookies

(Cookies that will make you see God)


By Monica Nolan


No … “Double Rainbow All The Way” Cookies do not contain psychedelic or psychoactive herbs.. (though we have heard of treats that do). But they do contain a good dose of my favorite class of herbs adaptogens. Adaptogens help the body mind and nervous system adapt to the #1 cause of chronic illness … stress.

The name is inspired by a YouTube video that was popular last Summer (the audio is more precious than the video). A home video that is made by a man who sees two rainbows in his back yard, a beautiful mountain view. It’s also clear that the filmmaker has taken something that is greatly enhancing his experience. Here’s the link

This recipe is basic chocolate chip oatmeal with added antioxidants like gogi berries (a longevity and beauty herb), 60% cacao chips, (super antioxidants) nuts and oats. Truth is …I eat them for breakfast with a cup of coffee on the way to driving my son to school! Seriously! What’s the difference between this cookie and a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar?

My favorite Company to order powdered whole and dried herbs is Mountain Rose Herbs. Visit them here and read more about these adaptogens and other healing and nourishing herbs. Or visit my blog for more recipes using medicinal herbs.

Happy and healthy holidays …… Monica.


Double Rainbow All The Way Cookies


1&1/4 cups all-purpose flour

½ cup powdered herbs (Maca Powder, Hawthorne Berry Powder and Eleuthero Root Powder are in these cookies)

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. chunky artesian  sea salt

1&1/4 Cups packed brown sugar

1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened

½ cup succinate or sugar

2 large eggs

2 Tblsp. Milk

2 tsp. vanilla extract

2&1/2 cups Oats

2 cups 60% Cacao Chocolate Chips, or carob chips

1 cup chopped nuts

1/2 cup gogi berries

½ cup dried cranberries and raisins


Preheat oven to 375

Combine flour, powdered herbs, baking soda, and salt in small bowl. Beat brown sugar, butter and succinate (or sugar) in large mixing bowl until creamy. Beat in eggs, milk and vanilla. Gradually beat in flour mixture. Stir in oats, chips, nuts and berries? Raisins. Mix well. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto ungreased baking sheets.

Bake for 12 to 13 minutes. Cool on sheet 1 minute. Remove to wire rack.

Makes about 4 dozen cookies.





Happy Solstice! Time to go way underground!


Ho ho ho y’all. ”

If we are here not to do …what you and I wanna do..and go forever crazy with it .. why the h***  were even here?”…… Eugene Hutz

Yo yo yo y’all.

Who says Asheville ain’t cool? It’s the longest night of the year but X-Mas was the best party of the year!

What a visually exciting little town we live in. And a spiritually inviting place too… Thank you Rigel Pawlick and friends for inviting me to your party.

Im off to the Big Sorcery of Gogol Bordello in the Big Apple for the turn to the mystical new age!!! Rage blessings Gypsy Style!!!!

May all your sweetest dreams come true tonight.

Chasing Turkeys and staying in touch with the third chakra …




Hey! Happy day of Thanks. I have so much to be thankful for! Dear friends, old and new, healthy family, fun life…
I visited with my sister Margaret Nolan in Orlando, Fl for 11/11/11, and Gogol Bordello at The Orlando Calling. What big Sorcery from Eugene Hutz! Elizabeth Chi-Wei-Sun (GBs dan er- vocalist) was fun to hang with and chat about herbal medicine at the Sheraton later that day.
I was inspired to come home and work on some more choreography to Gogol Bordello after that “Alcohol” has become a different solo piece….
Now,  back home, focus is family, Urban Artists Intentional Community and Turkey Day. Im also developing my private herbal consultation practice so things are busy. Im mentored by some of the finest minds in our community through the Appalachian school of Holistic herbalism … and that is something to be thankful for indeed.

Timothy and Sarah



The Urban Artists Intentional Community has been blessed with new members. Timothy Wilkinson and beautiful Sarah Noel. Cool ans sooo sweeeet! Lets find them jobs in Asheville! Timothy can build and fix anything. Sarah is most gracious and smart.  She loves to serve.

Sustainable Living Road Show Comes to Asheville!



Wow! My Companjeros have finally pulled up in their caravan of tricked out biofuel, solar powered busses for a visit to my town.
Dear Michael the road chef, Thomas “Clever” Lewellen and sweet Emma welcomed me as “guest mayor” of Eco-Opolis, one of the interactive permaculture and sustainable-living teaching games in their Conscious Carnival. What fun!
Later, Gypsy took the cook on the witches tour of our little town. More fun!
She sent him back to the bus in time to and make oatmeal for the crew and distribute Slippery Gypsy Aphrodisiac Mustache Wax and Gypsy Punk ( Gogol Bordello style) to all.
By Spring, Gypsy will be right behind you Sustainable Living Road Show Warriors!!! Here comes the Puja Eyes Medicine Show! !

Samhain, The Ancestors, and Moving The Energy




Happy Samhain ( a little belated, I know) but the veil between ourselves and our beloveds who have crossed the border … ( the BIG one!) … is still thin.

We lit a fire during the first Critical Response Salon of The Urban Artists Collective .
It was a creative flame first when I (Monica Nolan) performed a choreographed and improv movement original work to Gogol Bordello’s “Alcohol”.
See it on YouTube under PujaEyesTV!

Then we lit a fire in the fireplace/ altar and sang and spoke lovingly to and about folks who are on the other side.
David Flander presented a short film and got a little feedback before we adjourned.
We’ll be meeting every Sunday from 6-9 and doing Critical Response Salons once a month.
Check the calendar on and come!

Most sane folk would have gone to bed after all that….but were talkin bout me ….
Had to go check out Sirius B!
Great Cabaret band with electric violin and chello that will break your heart open!!!

Who needs sleep when there is music?

Feeling a Little Funky with The Season Change? Me too! Try this.




Gypsy has been very busy … oganizing Urban Artists, shopping for bus, blogging, making podcast (coming soon) making “Slippery Gypsy Aphrodisiac Mustache Wax” ™, and taking care of her cubs … Gypsy forget to take her care of herself! …. Until she starts to feel funky!!
Headache! Backache (ooooh the lumbago daaling)! Fatigue and general grumpyness ….
Gypsy no have time for this crap. Must be a pathogen trying to get in… perhaps a nasty virus.
This is what I want when I feel bad, rest, comfort, nourisment, support. So luckily I was already scheduled for my bi-weekly spirit/mind/body tune-up with reiki healer-spirit worker-massage therapist excellant, Guseppi Piazza who suggested a mustard bath with essential oils to help sweat out toxins. Good idea! I even ate some strong wasabi with dinner too! I have neglected my Migun Bed so I hopped on it for a great detox and far- infared light treatment this morning to zap any viruses that think this body might make a nice host. Migun beds are used in hospitals in Korea to treat a range of illnesses. Check out their website for info. I combine migun sessions with essential oils diffused into the room to support my immune function. See for more information on amazing therapeutic grade essential oils!
Yes, Gypsy uses both high tech and natural healing …. is old saying …. never refuse healing from a good source.
Here are a few more of my favorites that I am nourishing myself with; Maitake Defense liquid phyto caps by Gaia Herbs A great company right here in Western North Carolina. Holla to the hood! This blend of cordyceps, reishi, chaga and maitake mushrooms fortifies me for the coming months and boosts me for now too. These mushrooms are truely magic with their heart strengthening, liver cleansing,anti-cancer properties. Read more about them on Mountain Rose Herbs website (my favorite bulk herb company).
Here’s the deal, if you think you are harboring a virus, there’s not much the regular doc can do for you. Antibiotics don’t treat viruses…..BUT there are lots of anti virals in the plant kingdom!! Like echineacea, garlic, calendula, lemon balm, St. Jonswort, elderberry, usnea and many more. Doesn’t it make sense to keep some high quality products made with these on hand? This is what I have on my shelf: Red Moon Herbs Anti-Viral tincture, Dr. Schulze’s Ech+, and my own, wildcrafted and homemade “Ian’s Superboost” (Elderberry Usnea Syrup). Look for these products or products like these soon on the products page of The Puja Eyes Medicine Show (
I am drinking lots of high alkaline water from my Kangen Water Filter. Every few hours I throw a packet of Emergen-C in to boost the immune function and get lots of great vitamins and minerals. Oh yes .. and rest. Sleep is the great healer.
I am feeling like this nasty bug has been met at my door with a “no vacancy … scram” sign already. The Doctor might be out, but the Witch is in!