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Samhain, The Ancestors, and Moving The Energy




Happy Samhain ( a little belated, I know) but the veil between ourselves and our beloveds who have crossed the border … ( the BIG one!) … is still thin.

We lit a fire during the first Critical Response Salon of The Urban Artists Collective .
It was a creative flame first when I (Monica Nolan) performed a choreographed and improv movement original work to Gogol Bordello’s “Alcohol”.
See it on YouTube under PujaEyesTV!

Then we lit a fire in the fireplace/ altar and sang and spoke lovingly to and about folks who are on the other side.
David Flander presented a short film and got a little feedback before we adjourned.
We’ll be meeting every Sunday from 6-9 and doing Critical Response Salons once a month.
Check the calendar on http://www.pujaeyes.com and come!

Most sane folk would have gone to bed after all that….but were talkin bout me ….
Had to go check out Sirius B!
Great Cabaret band with electric violin and chello that will break your heart open!!!

Who needs sleep when there is music?