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Sustainable Living Road Show Comes to Asheville!



Wow! My Companjeros have finally pulled up in their caravan of tricked out biofuel, solar powered busses for a visit to my town.
Dear Michael the road chef, Thomas “Clever” Lewellen and sweet Emma welcomed me as “guest mayor” of Eco-Opolis, one of the interactive permaculture and sustainable-living teaching games in their Conscious Carnival. What fun!
Later, Gypsy took the cook on the witches tour of our little town. More fun!
She sent him back to the bus in time to and make oatmeal for the crew and distribute Slippery Gypsy Aphrodisiac Mustache Wax and Gypsy Punk ( Gogol Bordello style) to all.
By Spring, Gypsy will be right behind you Sustainable Living Road Show Warriors!!! Here comes the Puja Eyes Medicine Show! !